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After several long, cold, lonely months hunched over a keyboard, wouldn’t it be great to spend time at a spa for some personal rejuvenation? To put yourself into the hands of a specialist whose only goal is to make sure you look and feel soooo good? At the spa, you might indulge in a vitamin peel to tighten and brighten your face, or an herbal wrap to revitalize your skin and bring back a healthy glow. You could treat yourself to a full-body salt scrub to get rid of layers of dead, flaky cells, or revel in a deep tissue massage to knead the knots out of your muscles and banish the fog in your head.

The Book Spa can do the same for your muse and your manuscript with a full menu of services ranging from a quick primp of your contest entry to a start-to-finish scrub and rigorous massage that will leave your completed manuscript polished, glowing, and ready to impress.

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